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Dog Gets Rescued On Second Floor Balcony After Being Left By ‘Out Of Town’ Owner

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Authorities in Houston, Texas rescued an unresponsive dog that was left in the heat by its owner on the second floor of an apartment balcony on August 21, Monday.

The Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen‘s Animal Cruelty Investigators and Ponderosa Fire Department found out about the dog’s predicament from concerned citizens, and quickly responded to save the canine.

Talking to KHOU, Chief Animal Cruelty Investigator Jay Chase revealed that the dog was on the balcony without water for several hours before being rescued.

According to the Harris County Constable Precinct 1, even as the rescue team reached the balcony, the poor pooch wasn’t moving at all.

Sergeant Joseph Soto from the Harris County Constable Precinct 1 shared, “We noticed the dog took in a breath, so we moved quickly to get him off the balcony.”

Soto added, “Reporting cruelty made all the difference in getting him the help he desperately needed.”

Dog Rescued From A Balcony In Texas
Office of Constable Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable Precinct 1 /

The dog has since been removed from the apartment and is under the care of Houston SPCA.

As users online became worried about the dog’s condition, the Harris County Constable Precinct 1 shared the health status of the dog in a few Facebook comments, “the dog is doing well. I just checked with SPCA” and “yes the dog is doing well as of 6:30 tonight”.

Meanwhile, the owner was revealed to be out of town at the time of the incident. According to KHOU, there will be a hearing in 10 days to determine who keeps the dog.

Harris County Constable Precinct 1 reminded the public that you can be fined $10,000 and go to prison for two years for animal cruelty in Texas.

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