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ID Helps Keep Your Buddy Safe

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These ID tags can be very basic or highly personal. Many shapes are available, and costs range from a couple of dollars to over seven thousand dollars for a diamond studded tag. Another option is to combine an ID tag viably seen on the collar with a micro-ship ID inserted by your vet just beneath the skin. These chips contain huge amounts of information about your dog and can be tracked so locating the dog is very easy. Chipping a dog is becoming more popular and is not as expensive as you might think. One of the nice things about chipping your dog is he is not going to lose it as is possible with collar tags.

Another method you don’t hear about anymore, but it is still useful, is having the dog’s tag # or AKC registration # tattooed in the dog’s ear. This saved our champion-line Golden Retriever many years ago when it was stolen. It disappeared, then finally showed up about 2 months later on our doorstep. A few days later, a deputy sheriff and the idiot “owner” showed up claiming we had “his” dog. He had seen it in our yard (which was a bald-faced lie, since it was an indoor dog, and only was taken out in the back yard.) We showed the deputy the AKC papers, and asked him to check the dog’s ear. Once he confirmed it, the idiot started backpedaling, trying to cover his butt. My wife informed them that we expected the deputy to testify when we pressed charges for felony dog theft. Of course we never did, but we never had a problem with the idiot thief again.

So you might want to consider a tattoo also, especially if you live in an area where dog theft is a problem.

A dog tag or ID chip is cheap insurance providing for the safety of your dog, and all dogs should have at least one, and preferably both.

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1 Comment

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