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ID Helps Keep Your Buddy Safe

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Does your hound have a dog tag or ID chip, or better yet, both? If not you might want to get one or both for him. These inexpensive forms of identification are worth their weight in gold if your dog becomes lost. I have been very fortunate to have two of my dogs returned several times due to the fact they both have an ID dog tag attached to their collars. On one occasion they dug under the chain link fence and made their getaway. Because they are Beagles this is their nature and after several hours I received a phone call from a woman who had my dogs tired and worn out resting in her front yard. She lived close to seven miles away! This is just one example of how far a dog can travel in a few hours when they are following their nose and like to run.

Our dog depends on us for love, friendship, food, meeting his medical needs and much more. We depend on our dog for companionship, protection and fun times playing together so protecting the dog should naturally be one of our top priorities. After all, he gives so much tour lives and asks for so little in return he deserves the best safety and protection we can provide. A dog tag or ID chip is a simple yet very effective method of keeping him safe.

The Identification tag your dog wears is either embedded into his dollar or hangs from the collar on the same ring you snap a leash to. The information you want in the tag includes the dog’s name, his vets name and phone number, you contact information and your full name, and his vaccination information. More than one tag is common so a full accounting of information is available to anyone who locates the dog. I also include a set amount of money as a reward for the dog being returned safely.

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1 Comment

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