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Dog Versus Man! Who Is Alpha?

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Begin by grabbing the attention of the dog. You do this by calling the dog by his name, followed by a command. Never use a bunch of meaningless words before addressing the dog by his or her name. Use only the dog’s name and the command word for the behavior you desire. An example is “Max sit”. Not “hey you there Max, why don’t you sit when I tell you to”.

You must show the dog YOU are the leader/Alpha member of his family unit or pack. Never allow the dog to eat before you and the family, and never allow the dog to enter or exit the home first. And never allow the dog to grab the best spot on the couch until you have sat down and then given the command he or she is allowed to join you. These simple steps can go on and on but the main point of all this is to show the dog he or she is subservient to you, and not the other way around. This is in no way being mean or cruel to your dog. In fact, your dog will be a much happier canine when he knows exactly where he fits in as a member of his family unit/pack.

Take charge in this long standing struggle of dog versus man as Alpha leader and you will have a happy home and a dog that understands he is not the “Top Dog” at home!

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