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Basic Training

Dog Versus Man! Who Is Alpha?

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Who really runs the show around your home? If it is your friendly, lovable doggy who growls, nips, strikes frightening postures, and other dominating and intimidating behaviors, then you my friend, are NOT the leader in this dog versus man as Alpha leader role in your home.

This is a situation that must be rectified immediately, because no person in your family is going to feel comfortable with a dog that rules the roost. Not to mention how uncomfortable friends and other relatives are going to feel when visiting. Below are the steps you must take to train Rover what his proper place is in the pack, and restore order at home.

Many people don’t want to believe it, but dogs are by nature “pack animals”. If you don’t establish yourself and the rest of the family as being higher in the pecking order than Rover, then you will have problems with your dog’s behavior. Ignore these principles at your own risk!

First off I want to state clearly the use of physical punishment is never the way to win the battle of dog versus man as Alpha leader. This will either result in you or a family member being bitten, or will turn the dog into a whimpering weenie cowering in the corner every time you enter the room. Neither of these is productive or good for the dog or you and the family, so never physically strike your dog when using behavioral training.

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