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Easing Doggie’s Nerves At the Vet’s

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At the sight of your local vet’s office does your dog go into a tizzy? Many dogs do because of the fact this visits often equate to pain to the dog, and believe me they remember! Maybe it is just for shots or possibly another procedure causing the dog discomfort but we all occasionally deal with a very upset dog at the vets so what can we go about easing your dog’s anxiety at the vet? Below are a few tips to help you out next time Rover wants to “go over” the hill at the sight of his vet’s office.

Start easing your dog’s anxiety at the vet by bringing along his or her favorite toy. This can work wonders for calming a dog as they have something with them besides you that is familiar and brings them happiness. A toy that squeaks when chewed works best although it might be a bit irritating to other animals and people in the waiting room. But hey, your dog is happy and not going off the deep end so bring it along.

If your visit to the vet is in the afternoon take a nice long walk with the dog in the morning. This will help with easing your dog’s anxiety at the vet because he will be more relaxed after using up all the excess energy. Make sure he gets a good physical workout during this walk. Playing a game of fetch in the park works wonders for tiring your doggy out.

Always take a few of his favorite doggy treats. When he is behaving in the waiting room slip him a treat. When he begins to pull at your leash, growl or lunge at other dogs or cats also in the room give him the command to behave. When he does so, slip him another treat. He will quickly get the idea of how he is going to get future treats.

If the visit entails an overnight stay bring along a favorite blanket, his food bowls, and several favorite toys. He is going to feel more relaxed and comfortable with these items along. They have smells he will associate with being at home and like many dogs he will feel better eating from his own food bowl.

Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety at the Vet is really all about using common sense and making your dog comfortable. By using this simple tips future trips to the vet will not be something both of you want to avoid.

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