Easy Dog Care and Grooming Tips

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Reduce the amount of shedding by a daily brushing of the dog’s fur. For short hair dogs use a brush with shorter bristles and. If you own a shaggy breed with long hair that mats and tangles easily, rub the dog gently with your hand locating any matted hair. Clip this away with sharp household scissors, and then gently brush the fur starting at the base of the neck and work back to his hind quarters.

Bath the dog no more than once a month. More often than this removes the natural oils your dog produces to keep his skin soft and hair from becoming brittle.

Clip the toe nails carefully. Never clip into the “quick” or white/pink area of the nails as this is going to result in pain and bleeding.

Brush the teeth three times a week beginning with the soft bristle dog toothbrush until the dog becomes ok with this invasion of his mouth. Then you can use the stiffer bristle brush for serious tarter and plaque removal.

Try these simple and easy dog care and grooming tips to keep your best friend looking sharp and feeling good!

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