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Easy Dog Care and Grooming Tips

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Is old Teddy looking a bit rough around the edges? If so we have a few simple dog care and grooming tips even the most inexperienced dog owner can use to give Teddy a salon fresh look. Not only will he feel better, he will be healthier as well. And you are sure to like the fact your dog is looking good so read on for our easy dog care and grooming tips for all dog breeds.

Begin training your pooch to accept bathing, clipping of the toe nails, brushing the teeth, brushing the coat, and ear cleaning as soon as he arrives in the home. He or she might be a very young puppy, or a mature dog you have rescued from a shelter and it really makes little difference. The dog must learn this is going to be a part of their grooming routine and all the fussing will not change this.

The first of our dog care and grooming tips is to visit a local pet supply store and purchase the various products you are going to need. You will want to have these on hand BEFORE the dog arrives in the home. A set of quality dog hair brushes for long and short hair, dog formulated toothpaste, a soft and hard bristle toothbrush, organic all natural canine shampoos and conditioners, flea and tick treatment medication, a quality set of toe nail clippers, and monthly worm medication treatment in  liquid form.

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