Family Dog Saves Baby From House Fire In Detroit

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A 1-year-old baby was stuck in a house fire and the family’s dog didn’t leave her side until she was rescued.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a house fire broke out on February 21 in a multifamily home in Detroit.

The baby’s mother, Janet Kelley, lived in the upper unit with her fiancé, Daquan Davis, four children, their cat named Smokey and their three-year-old Pitbull Lab mix, Blue.

Kelley said that the fire started from the unit below them. Reportedly, a child was playing with a lighter and set a mattress ablaze.

Kelley said the fire spread quickly and that “Two houses were affected by this.” And while the fire was growing, Kelley’s 1-year-old daughter was stuck in her playpen.

However, the baby wasn’t alone. As Blue, the family dog, refused to leave the house without her. When the firefighters showed up, Blue even “alerted rescue to where she was located.”

When the fire broke out, Kelley, Kelley’s fiancé and their two oldest children were at Walmart. While her fiancé’s brother was taking care of the other two children and the pets.

According to Kelley, “I got a phone call that the house was on fire. He [her fiancé’s brother] was trying to rush and get the dog, the kids, and everybody out of the house.”

Kelley has had Blue, the family’s three-year-old rescue dog, for two years now. Kelley added, “(Blue) is very protective over all of us.”

And while both the baby and dog made it out safely, the family is struggling to recover after losing their home in Detroit.

The family is living out of a minivan, but were able to rent out a room at Roof Inn for two nights. And currently, has started a GoFundMe and are still accepting donations.

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