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Family Dog Shot by Neighbor While Children Watch in Horror

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A Kansas City mother is outraged, her children traumatized, and their 7-year old Puggle, Nizmo, recovering from emergency surgery after a neighbor reached under an adjoining fence with a pellet gun to shoot the barking dog.

Jamie Evans admitted to both police and to KCTV5 that he shot his Macken family’s dog, claiming that Nizmo was barking non-stop and needed to be quieted.

“I don’t leave animals out and let animals bark all day. I think that’s gross. I think it’s not fair,” Evans told a KCTV5 reporter. “I don’t think it’s right to abuse an animal by leaving it to bark all day.”

But, Evans thinks shooting a dog is not abuse?

To make matters worse, authorities are only considering charging Evans with a misdemeanor for his actions.

Now, Evans is insisting that the Macken family be prosecuted for allowing their dog to bark.

Nizmo, meanwhile, is doing well. After emergency surgery to remove pellets from his body and to repair what appeared to be a stab wound, a section of Nizmo’s stomach had to be removed, he is being closely monitored, but seems to be pulling through.

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  1. Avatar Of Ma



    hmmm not ok to leave a dog in a fenced back yard but ok to shoot it??? i cant say i understand that one

  2. Avatar Of Wkmtca



    while what the guy did was totally out of hand.. why was the freaked dog out barking all day? and yes, the people should be charged with what ever if they broke a law allowing it. i have 4 dogs and i don’t want to hear mine bark, let alone someone elses. the dog should not be returned if this is how they treat it. NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOUR FREAKED DOG BARK. get it in the house. how many years has this neighbor been listening to this? he shot the wrong thing. he should have shot the owner in the ass and told him to get his freaked dog in the house. poor dog..stupid people.

  3. Avatar Of Deb



    Seriously, I have no words. I would say his thought process on animal abuse is a bit messed up. So many other was to handle the situation. He needs to be charged with more, no matter his reasoning he did it on purpose. Should have to pay all the vet bills as well. To you sir…KARMA knows every bodies address.

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