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Fun and Games For Your Furball

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Having different playtime activities for your dog is very important for his well-being, not just to exercise him, but also to keep him from getting bored. After all, if you make a dog work all day without letting him play games, he or she will be bored, just as a student gets bored with all studying time and no breaks.

Playtime Activities for Your Dog

If your dog is not very sociable, then it’s time you introduce him to playtime activities for your dog so he can learn games and improve his social skills. By nature, dogs can learn how to play (if you don’t see them play very often) by mingling along with other dogs, usually through body language. If you do the same kind of thing with your dog, you will be able to invite him to play and have fun. Be a little silly and make your dog feel like everything is going to be okay. The process may not be easy at first, but gradually your dog will begin to look forward to the time you and he spend together.

You might also see puppies play wrestling or tug of war games. These are okay, because dogs are naturally born as pack members, meaning they are raised to fight for survival. While some rough play time is okay between dogs, it can get a bit out of hand when we participle with them. This is because in the big picture, dogs and humans are of totally different levels, and there is a tendency of either hurting the puppies or make a dog even more aggressive. This is due to the fact he will feel you are ‘challenging’ or ‘testing’ his strength and abilities, and as dogs are natural born leaders, they have a lot of pride within themselves when provoked. It is best to avoid these types of playtime activities for your dog.

If you are looking for great games to play with your dog, here are some suggestions:

  • Hide and seek is a good and fun game, starting it off easy by hiding in a lot more obvious places and rewarding him treats. Then, gradually make it a bit harder for himso he does not lose interest .
  • Chasing and fetching games are the classic of all dog games, but do not let him chase you. Instead, use toys or sticks, like the old ‘fetch boy’ game. You can also use his favorite squeaky toys or anything that your dog is safe to play with and just the right size for his mouth.
  • Training sessions can also become a game for your dog if you want to further interest him.
  • You can buy him some games which are designed especially for dogs, like the “Buster Cube”, in which your dog has to get the kibble out of the plastic cube, as his reward for solving the puzzle. This is perfect for getting your dog physically and mentally challenged.
  • Have your dog find an object, since after all; their noses are no doubt very powerful in searching for things. You can hide his favorite toy or object and then have him find it, and afterwards, reward him with treats.

These are all great playtime activities for your dog and will strengthen the bond between you and your doggy.

Do you have unusual games you play with your dog? Please tell us about them in the space below.

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1 Comment

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