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Have You Tried “Private Parking” For Your Dog?

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Dog parks are good ways of teaching your dog the meaning of socialization and opening up to the outside world, meeting new friends and playing with them. But many people do not like going to public parks due to the fact that many times there are aggressive dogs present, and they are usually on the lookout for dog fights. And people in general have had enough violence — they go to a park to relax and exercise themselves and their dogs. As a result, a new kind of Dog Park was created – the private dog park.

Private dog parks are, well, like private pools and resorts. In short, they have membership fees so they are not for owners who cannot be bothered enough to keep their dogs under control. Charges vary per park – some charge per month and some charge per day. Also, dogs who apply for membership at such private parks need to be thoroughly examined (and vaccinated) before being admitted as a member, and must follow the park rules strictly.

Unlike public parks, private ones offer a wide range of doggy amenities, such as pools, mini-shops, playgrounds, training courses, trails, and resting areas for when they get tired. They are also well-maintained, wide, and clean for your dogs to enjoy without the pollution of public parks. These amenities are made possible by the park’s membership fees.

In the U.S., there are many private dog parks to choose from. The best known one is the Cincinnati’s WagsPark, which costs a $325 annual fee, or $15 per day. The grounds are secure and fenced, and have a variety of training courses for your dog. It even has a doggy playground. But membership can be a hassle, since all dogs must pass a temperament test to be in the club. However, the reward is comfort and safety for you and your dog.

In Michigan, there is Meadow Run located in Kalamazoo with an area of 25 acres. There is a large swimming area (with a beach!) and different agility courses and equipment for the dogs to exercise and have fun with. $365 is the membership fee per year and $35 for the administration fee. Some breeds like the pit bull terrier and American bulldog are not allowed in the park.

But if you’re looking for something less expensive, then head to Florida for Dog Wood Park, which has parks in Gainesville and Jacksonville. It has benches, picnic amenities, swimming ponds, agility equipment and many others. Toys like balls and Frisbees are also for rent. There are also monthly rates, but the annual rate is $280.

Is it still too expensive? Try Beverly’s Bark Park in Fishers in Indiana. It has fenced space but dogs can play freely with different amenities like water and other sports like Frisbee and tennis. There is even an area for small dogs to protect them. The whole package has an annual fee of only $140.

You can ask around your city, state or region for private parks. They may be very costly and expensive, but they provide overall protection for your dog without hindering their social learning.

If there are none in your area, consider starting one as a business yourself, or in conjunction with local groups such as the ASPCA.

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    I read there’s one in Portland, OR called Fido dog park. They have swimming pool as well. I always take our dog to Petsmart day camp. I think she likes it there and always gets excited whenever we go there. Oh, she’s very tired every time we pick her up! $14 for 6 hours & less. $21 for 6 hours & more.

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