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Heartless Human Films Cat in Distress While a Dog Comes to the Rescue

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As animal lovers, it’s unfathomable that someone would witness an animal in distress and, instead of reaching to help, reach for the video camera instead.

But, that’s exactly what happened when a confused kitty wound up with a cup stuck on his head. Luckily, a compassionate 4-legged friend was nearby to help.

To the dog, thank you.
To the human, may you one day be in need of help while bystanders reach for their cameras instead. Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to have a canine friend nearby.

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  1. Avatar Of Etty Marjorie S.

    Etty Marjorie S.


    The dog is more sensible that the human who taking photo, shame on you… God bless the dog for caring <3

  2. Avatar Of Della Williamson

    Della Williamson


    Once again. An animal shows itself more compassionate than a human. Maybe someone thought this would be funny. It’s not. It is rare that the victim of a practical joke finds it amusing. and if you love and respect someone — your not going to pull pranks on them. They are almost always either humiliating and/or dangerous. And no friend or loved one would do that to a person.

  3. Avatar Of Kristin Blumreich

    Kristin Blumreich


    My guess would be that the jerk taking the video is also responsible for putting the cup on the cat’s head. Good doggy.

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