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Help Find The Person that Abused and Abandoned this Dog

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Animal rescuers and police in Washita County, Oklahoma are searching for answers while a severely abused dog fights for her life.

Last week, as a truck driver pulled into a parking lot, he discovered what appeared to be a dead dog lying on her side. When he took a closer look, he noticed she was breathing and immediately contacted police.

The city told the truck driver to contact Terry Lynn Bloomer, an independent animal rescuer in the area.

When Bloomer arrived at the truck stop, she found the dog, a black female Pit Bull, barely clinging to life, lying motionless in the scorching heat, with the exception of her eyes, which pleaded for help, and her tail, which gave a gentle wag as they lifted her onto a blanket.

Bloomer explained to KFOR News Channel 4, “this innocent sweet girl is covered in bite marks… tons of them all over her face, throat, legs, shoulder and chest… It appears someone threw her out there and left her to die in the heat…even as we rolled her over on the blanket to left her, her tail wagged.”

Bloomer rushed the dog, who she and her family are calling “Momma” after discovering she’d very recently delivered a litter of puppies, to the Elk Creek Clinic for emergency care. Here puppies were not found.

Now, five days later, after receiving veterinary care and shown love and compassion, Momma is recovering well.

Bloomer gave the following update:

Five days later, sweet Momma Girl is standing some and walking a little… Though wobbly, she is getting stronger each and every day!!! She will be at the vet while on the mend, but we need to find a safe and loving place for this angel to go…Please share her story and update…SOMEONE knows who she belonged to…SOMEONE knows who did this to her…Let’s make sure they never hurt another animal again.

Those interested in making a donation towards Momma’s care can send funds to:
Elk Creek Clinic
1301 Airport Industrial
Elk City ok 73624
Or paypal: [email protected]

Anyone with information about Momma’s previous owner or who may have abandoned her is urged to call the Washita County Sheriff’s Office.

When Momma is recovered and healthy, she will be placed into foster care and eventually made available for adoption.

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  1. Avatar Of Margaret Mc Margaret Mc says:

    I don’t understand how people can be so heartless and cruel. Shame on the person(s) who left her in that parking lot for dead. Shame on them!

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