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Home Surveillance Camera Records Man Abandoning Puppy on City Street

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A heartbreaking scene was captured on home surveillance camera when a Florida driver pulled to the side of the street, led a puppy out of the car and drove away, abandoning him.

When an Apopka, Florida homeowner found a puppy alone and confused in his front yard, he and his wife looked to their home surveillance footage for answers.

What they found was equal parts disturbing and heartbreaking.

A home security camera captured the moment a man pulled up in front of a Florida home, got out of his car and let a dog out. The dog followed the man around the car several times before the man got back into the car, leaving the puppy alone on the side of the road.

“It’s very emotional,” the homeowner told WFLA. “My husband and I are huge animal lovers and just the dog being so confused and feeling like where are you going?”

The couple brought the puppy to their home for food and water before transporting him to Orange County Animal Services’ shelter.

“If you care about an animal and really want to find that animal a new home we can help you do so but the answer is never to abandon that animal in a situation that could be unsafe which is the side of the road,” said Diane Summer with Orange County Animal Services.

Shelter staff say the puppy is happy and healthy and should soon be available for adoption.

In the meantime, the homeowners have passed the surveillance video to police as abandoning an animal on a road or in a public place without providing for the animal’s care and protection is a misdemeanor in the state.

Anyone with information about the dog or the driver of the vehicle is urged to contact Orange County Animal Services.

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