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Household Cleaners Can Be Toxic To Your Buddy

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Are you aware many common home cleaning products affect your dog’s health? I was aware of some of these harmful home cleaning products we all can find in our kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry but not to the extent I am now. Please read on about how certain home cleaning products affect your dog’s health in ways most of us never could have imagined.

Many dog owners unintentionally expose their beloved family dogs to very harmful chemicals through the products used for normal home cleaning. One of the most common of these cleaning products affect your dog’s health having a very negative impact on your dog’s health is bleach. Bleach used at 100 percent strength will make your eyes water and burn the nose so imagine how much more it can be detected by a dog. It has been proven to cause cancerous tumors to appear in dogs and will actually alter a dog’s DNA. Even in a diluted form bleach should be used with caution when you have pets living inside your home. Washing your dog’s favorite blankets in detergent containing bleach is enough to cause your dog at least minor discomfort if not worse so avoid the bleach.

Any presence of mold should be dealt with immediately. Studies have shown mold in basements, damp laundry rooms, and many other locations throughout a home has very negative effects of humans as well as any animal living in the home. Have a professional cleaning company seek out any mold and remove it immediately.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the level of toxic chemicals in your home. Always clean up any spills of any cleaning fluids. Do not wait until later as your dog may decide to lick the substance.

Your washer and dryer doors should be left open when not in use to prevent any mold building up.

Keep all cleaning products safely stored in places your dog cannot get to and make sure the lids are tightly secured.

Stay away from any home cleaning products containing bleach. You may have to do a bit of looking but there are many great cleaning products available formulated to be pet friendly and safe, so switch to these products.

Making a few simple changes in what you clean your home with will result in a much healthier dog so get rid of the cleaning products affect your dog’s health problem and enjoy more years with Rover.

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  1. Avatar Of Agneta Lahham

    agneta lahham


    I use vinegar to clean my floors
    that must be bad too?

    • Avatar Of Ron Miller

      Ron Miller


      Vinegar is harmless, although dogs find the smell extremely offensive. They will get away from it as fast as possible.

  2. Avatar Of Belinda Brown

    Belinda Brown


    I was told by the our Vet not to ever use Frebreez around our 2 dogs. I had been using it when the dogs got really sick & I had to take them both to the vet. He asked all sorts of questions & when I said I use Frebreez we told me to not ever use it again. I have stopped using it & they have not been sick in that way since. The toy poodle was hacking & coughing something awful & the golden retriever was even sicker, both eyes became infected & her lower lids were sagging so bad. She would do nothing but lay around in a stuper.

  3. Avatar Of Roberta Watters

    Roberta Watters


    They Dogs Home where I work use bleach all the time to clean out the cages, it’s a cheap product and kills the viruses, what else could they use that doesn’t cost a lot of money and will sanitise the areas?

    • Avatar Of Ron Miller

      Ron Miller


      Bleach is not a problem for dogs if they are not present, if is used in a well ventilated area, and is allowed to completely dry before the dogs are brought back into the cages.

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