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How puppies develop through 7 levels to maturity

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So you have the precious arrival of a litter of puppies with mom and pups doing well. This is an exciting time for your family observing the pups grow. There are things all people who have a new litter of pups need to know, so read below how puppies develop through 7 levels on their way to becoming adult dogs. Also, note that these 7 levels can overlap — they don’t necessarily end one stage before they start another.

Puppies develop through 7 levels 

As puppies develop through 7 levels the first stage is referred to as the transitional period when new born puppy’s eyes will open and they will gradually respond to the mother and litter mates. This normally takes place when two to three weeks old.

The next stage lasts three to four weeks and is when all sensory development dramatically increases. The dog will be totally aware of the environment surrounding him and he begins to recognize the humans in his life. This is a critical period in the pups development so avoid loud noises and severe changes to his familiar surroundings. Keeping things calm and familiar will avoid the pup developing several negative personality characteristics.

Level three is a continuance of stage two and lasts up to week seven or so. The puppy learns how to play with litter mates, bite, and is going through the weaning process by the mother. You will be able to slowly introduce the puppies to puppy food and play with the puppies but do not take a pup from mom and the litter for more than a few minutes at a time. If you do this the puppy is quite likely to develop separation anxiety and nervous issues that can last their entire life. The socializing of your puppy lasts from three to sixteen weeks and this is when their ability to become friendly, social canines will be developed, so treat this period with care.

Puppies develop through 7 levels with the next stage being the two to three months’ time frame. They will be able to develop better control of the bladder and should sleep through the night. Teaching simple commands can begin during this phase.

Stage five is often referred to as the juvenile period. This occurs at three to four months old and as with a human juvenile this is when the pup will often ignore commands he already has been taught, he will test you to see if he or you are in charge, and his play will tend to become more aggressive. Always establish what acceptable behavior is, and what is not during this period. No harsh punishment is needed, just a firm NO when he act up.

The brat stage occurs around six months old as puppies develop through 7 levels towards adulthood. Expect him to be stubborn and challenge your authority.

Our last level is the juvenile adult stage from six to eighteen months old. This is a great time for you and the young dog for training and bonding. As puppies develop through 7 levels into young dogs provide plenty of love with firm, but kind discipline and you will have a great dog.

Have you raised many puppies? Comments are welcome below.

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