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How Safe Is Your Child With a Dog?

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This may seem like a silly question to ask, but have you considered just how safe is your child with a dog when you are not there to watch over them? Statistics show children are very safe when in the company of the family dog, but there are those rare instances when children are bitten, or worse, by an otherwise very friendly family dog. Why do these tragedies happen and how can parents prevent this from happening to their children?

If you were to show me 500 hundred families with children and dogs I firmly believe I could spot the one or two families who might have a dangerous situation on their hands concerning the dog and the children.

Dogs and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. Think of the great television shows and commercials all of us have seen over the years featuring kids and dogs as the central theme. Why do advertisers and producers base a show or commercials around this child and dog theme? Because they know how much kids and adults love dogs. They also are aware of how much dogs love being around humans.

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  1. Avatar Of Ron Miller Ron Miller says:

    Great comment, Dianne. We never left our children alone with the dogs either, until we knew that both were properly trained. When children are infants, it seems almost all dogs have a sixth sense about the child, and tolerate things they wouldn’t from an older child or adult. For instance, grabbing a handful of fur instead of petting. Thank God for that, because it usually happens in an instant, with no forewarning.

  2. Avatar Of Dianne



    As much as I trusted my lab which I had for 15 years, and NEVER had an issue with, I ALWAYS was there when young children were around. Not so much because I didn’t trust my dog, but more so to make sure the child treated her gently, and lovingly.
    Kids need to learn how to treat animals, and they learn this from us. They should not be allowed to do whatever they want to them.

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