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How to Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

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The quickly growing Green Movement for a more eco-friendly way of life got The Dogington Post wondering what steps our readers can take to reduce your carbon pawprint. Here are a few great ideas, provided by Dog News Daily.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

  • If you’re looking to get a dog, make sure to rescue. Also consider getting a smaller dog.
  • Spay and neuter to avoid overpopulation.
  • Buy food that is organic and grown/made in the USA. Support companies that use environmentally-friendly packaging and/or encourage your favorite companies to consider changing their packaging. If you want to go the extra mile – make your own dog food using ingredients that have little or no packaging such as bulk flours, beans, and vegetables.
  • Find a local vet, groomer, and day care facility so you don’t have to drive far. Extra mile: do (most of) your own grooming.
  • Don’t drive to the dog park. Walk there if you can, or if you’re too far away take a stroll around your neighborhood instead.
  • Always pick up dog waste, and use biodegradable bags to do so. Extra mile: compost it (seriously).
  • Purchase non-toxic dog care products like shampoos and pesticide control.
  • Properly dispose of any unused/leftover medications. Like human medications, don’t flush them down the toilet. Instead, remove all personal identification from the container, crush or dissolve all medication in water, place in a sealed bag, and put in the trash. Extra mile: see if there’s a local waste management facility or pharmacy that collects unused medication.
  • Choose high quality toys that are manufactured in the USA, non-toxic, and made from eco-friendly materials. Extra mile: make your own toys – dogs are happy with a stick from the woods, empty bottles, and rags turned into a tug rope.

Many die-hard environmentalists claim that pet ownership in general, especially dog ownership, is tough on the planet. Taking a few extra steps to live green and reduce your carbon pawprint can go a long way in keeping the planet healthy for all of us – including our best doggie friends! Feel free to read the remainder of Dog News Daily’s article here, and tell us your own great tips for living green with your dog below.

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