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Is A Puppy The Right Gift?

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Puppy sales reach their highest level during Christmas, because how can a parent, grandparent, or close friend go wrong when they present you or your kids with a cuddly little puppy on Christmas morning? Many times this purchase is a spur of the moment choice on the part of the well intentioned giver, but is a puppy the right gift for the children or adult he or she is intended for? There are several factors to be taken into consideration before making this purchase. Let’s take a look at these so you do not end up making a mistake ending in ugly consequences.

Make it a point to speak with the family or friend you are considering adopting a puppy for. Just because you are a dog lover does not mean they are so try to find out, in a roundabout way so you do not totally spoil the surprise, if they would welcome a new puppy into their home and lives. Some people will not want to for a wide range of reasons, and if this is the case do not push the issue.

If those who are going to be gifted with the puppy are already dog lovers then all should go smoothly. If you are a parent and wonder is a puppy the right gift for your child or children, step back and consider a couple of things: are the kids mature enough to care for the puppy and do they want a puppy? Some children are not into being saddled with the responsibility of a puppy, so you will end up be the primary care giver. Are you ready for this? You can pretty much count on this happening if the kids are young.

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    I personally think that if you are not living in the household that the pet will be in, you should NOT be giving a live animal as a present, mostly because of the factors that this article mentions that you should make sure of. I also think that rather than going out and getting the animal yourself, a card announcing the intent should be given instead. That way, the person getting the pet can be involved with the choosing of their new companion.

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