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Is Your Dog Walking You?

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Are you and your pooch having a battle of the wills over who walks who as you stroll down the sidewalk? If so don’t feel bad, as this is the case with many dog owners who have yet to take control of the situation. Let us see if we can correct this issue of your dog walking you back to you walking your dog.

To curb your dog walking you instead of the other way around as it should be, you have to understand all dogs must learn they are actually tethered to you when going out the door for a walk. Sounds simple but a dog does not understand this until you teach him you still have control over his movements via the leash.

When you and your pooch go out for the first walk together this is the time to establish control so your dog understands he or she is expected to behave in an acceptable manner. Those dog owners who fail with this initial training end up as one of your dog walking you people we so often see. Fighting with your dog by constantly pulling back on the leash is going to discourage you and your dog from taking daily walks and instill in the dog he or she has control over any training situation you become involved in. So you must establish from the very beginning the dog will obey your commands and walk as expected.

There are two great tools to aid you in training your dog to walk in a manner acceptable and less demanding on you. First is the leader harness and the gentle leader. These two dog walking aids are great for training the dog and they are not going to break your budget to purchase. Using treats, in conjunction with either of these two dog walking tools, as a reward for the dog when he or she walks as you desire, is a quick and easy way to train the dog.

The leash is designed to fit over the dogs muzzle and head. When he or she tries to dart off after a cat, car, other dog, or is simple pulling way to hard the leash brings the dog to a slow, gentle stop while turning their head back in your direction. The harness works in the same manner except you have head and body control with this aid.

Give either one of these a try and soon you will be strolling down the path with a well behaved pooch. No more of your dog walking you and all the frustrations that goes with this constant tug of war.

Does your dog behave when out for walks? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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  1. Avatar Of Erik Watson Erik Watson says:

    Great post, thanks!

  2. Avatar Of Emily Stone Emily Stone says:

    As you said, I think the most important element here is to establish control with your dog, this really helped with my dog’s behaviour!

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