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Is Your Pup In Pre-school?

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You can ask as many questions as needed until you have a feel for handling the pup and future adult dog. A veterinarian is often part of the staff, and he or she will provide many basics covering when it is time for shots, check-ups, plus they can answer specific questions about the breed of dog you own. The top quality foods, vitamin supplements and other health issues will be covered as well.

These pup classes average four to six weeks in length, with class being held for one hour, one night per week. Children are encouraged to participate so they can learn the basics of raising a puppy and how to properly interact with the pup.

A few of the simple things you and the pup will learn are the sit, come, heel, stay, and down commands. This will set the stage for more advanced behavioral training when the puppy is eight to ten months old. Housebreaking will be covered, using a training cage, and several other aspects of how to control the puppy.

The best way to find these preschools for puppies is to ask your vet or pet supply store. Normally it is one of the local vet clinics who conduct these classes, and there is also no charge for attending in most cases.

I can think of a few dogs I wish had puppy in preschool training! This is a great way to start the pup out on the right paw so to speak so go ahead and enroll the little guy!

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