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Is Your Pup In Pre-school?

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Have you enrolled the adorable little puppy romping through the house in puppy preschool? If not, then it is time to do so and get the puppy in preschool! I imagine you are wondering if I am daft, right? Enroll my puppy in a preschool? I did not even know there is such a thing I can hear you saying. Yes, Virginia, you can enroll any pup in what is more commonly referred to as “early training classes” so the puppy begins to learn good behaviors from day one of bringing him home. And guess what? YOU are going to be attending along with little Max!

As the puppy in preschool instructors will explain, this is not so much about behavior training as it is geared more toward socializing the puppy, and teaching you how to use positive reinforcement when the pup is older.

The two of you will learn to interact with other pups and young dogs, their owners, kids, and new environments. Basic behavioral dog training will be covered but does not go into more than very simple training of a few basic commands.

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