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Jack Russell Terrier

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The Jack Russell Terrier, also called as Jack, is a well-liked breed of sturdy, tough dog that originated in England. It belongs to the Terrier breed family which is remarkable for their distinct personality and hunting skills. Jack Russell Terriers have been bred to become fox hunting dogs. Their smooth coat usually comes in predominantly white color with black, tan, or brown markings.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Jack Russell Terrier commonly stand a height of 10 to 15 in at the withers. Their weight is about 14 to 18 lbs.


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Jack Russell Terriers, in general, are cheerful, loving, and devoted dogs. They are spirited, obedient, and very courageous. Jack pets are amusing, and they like to play games and toys. The breed likes to explore, chase, dig, and bark. They are friendly and kind to children. They are generally intelligent and willful. In fact, they are very trainable; making them capable of performing impressive tricks. Jack Russell Terriers require proper socialization at young age, as well as handlers who can be firm but gentle, confident and consistent with rules. Because of the Jack Russell Terriers’ strong hunting instincts, they should never be trusted with small animals. Inadequate exercise can make them restless and rather destructive.


Jacks’ coat has three variants: smooth, rough, and broken. They tend to shed on a regular basis so daily vacuuming is important. Nonetheless, coat care is not totally high maintenance. Regular brushing, not necessarily on a daily basis, needs to be done to eliminate dead hair. For the rough-coated or broken-coated Jack pets, professional stripping done twice a year is highly recommended.

Health Concerns

Members of the Jack Russell Terrier breed tend to be healthier than the other dogs. They have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. Nevertheless, like the other canines, Jack pets are also prone to a few health problems. These include the late onset of ataxia, orthopedic problems such as luxating patella and Legg-Calves, deafness, lens luxation, and cataracts.

Best Environment

Because Jacks are rowdy pets, they are usually unsuitable for apartment-living. As a matter of fact, a very securely fenced yard is recommended to give the dog an ample place to expend his high energy reserves. They can also become very active indoors. In addition, Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic so they need a lot of physical and mental activities. Vigorous play time, as well as long walks are very great for them. Keeping them on a leash is necessary when strolling around open areas.

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