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“Jackass” Bam Margera Apologetic (or Not) After Holding Gun to Puppy’s Head

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After what he thought was just a bit of harmless fun, Bam Margera, pro-skateboarder and star of MTV’s hit show, ‘Jackass’ is in hot water with his fans.

Pro skateboarder and star of MTV’s ‘Jackass’ tweeted this photo of himself holding a fake gun to his pit bull puppy’s head after she pooped in his bed. Photo courtesy of Bam Margera.

The outrageous prankster Tweeted a photo of himself holding a fake gun to his puppy’s (an adorable pit bull pup named Penny) head along with a handwritten sign that reads, “If she poops one more time she goes bye bye.” The star also Tweeted a photo of his cat with the caption, “Went looking for trouble … We found him. Now he goes bye bye”.

Of the incident, Margera told The Philadelphia Inquirer that “just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more.” Still, the ‘Jackass’ insists his photo was a joke, saying “I feel like every follower I have on Twitter” – more than 800,000 – “knows my Jackass joking kind of humor.”

Margera explained to E! News, “I am an animal lover and on Jackass, therefore I like jokes and shock value. It was bad timing on me. And I should have said the gun was fake.”

Despite the backlash, Margera’s distasteful photos remain posted to the star’s Twitter page. In fact, they’ve kicked off a whole slew of jokes about various other people and things “going bye bye. And, yesterday, Margera Tweeted that “some people need a chill pill” regarding the incident.

Tell us your thoughts – Is this the harmless act of a man made famous for just this type of shocking behavior, or an inappropriate act that could teach young kids that animal abuse is ok?

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  1. Avatar Of Lucy



    Jackass is the word for this guy. Train it right and it wont go in the house. That guy even looks like a jackass. Dumb show anyhow

  2. Avatar Of Julie



    It breaks my heart. Just saw a picture from a rescue last night. They allowed an adoption of a shy, previously abused female pit/boxer. The f**k took her home and poured acid all over her head and neck. Then they chained her up in the yard. She spend all night trying to lick off the acid so now her mouth and tongue are covered in blisters. The woman running the rescue went to check on her the next morning and found her. She’s so upset with herself and she keeps blaming herself. That real funny too isn’t asshole? Maybe you can do a skit on that too. I would like to put all of you on a deserted island and you can do to each other what you do to these wonderful creatures that just want to love us.

  3. Avatar Of Beth



    Bam Margera’s always been a tool. He just got rich off being one. And this picture fits perfectly with who he is…a TOOL! I guarantee he is not one tiny bit sorry.

  4. Avatar Of Gina



    oh GREAT DUMBASS!! YOU JUST SHOWED 800,000 PEOPLE ANOTHER FUCKIN WAY TO ABUSE AN ANIMAL AND THINK ITS FUNNY! Especially the kids who have never thought twice about it!! Your so stupid and an embrassment to the public!! and your friend holdin the sign and taken the pic are right there with you in the category for STUPIDEST IDIOTS EVER!! you and your friends should be charged with crulety..even if its a “fake” gun!!! That shit is NOT funny!! GROW UP!!

  5. Avatar Of Deborah Lacroix

    Deborah LaCroix


    STUPID,STUPID,STUPID…The man not the dog….and he is supposed to be the intelligent one!! I think not.

  6. Avatar Of Scott



    Stick that gun up his ass, o that’s right he is a jackass….

  7. Avatar Of Susan White

    Susan White


    You suck. I’m ashamed to think that members of my family knew you and worked on your show. You are a disgusting human being. It will catch up with you some day. I feel sorry for your parents because they are nice people.

  8. Avatar Of Doxiemom



    I guess this is him demonstrating what a jackass he is. I don’t understand why kids would want to emulate someone who prides himself on being a jackass??

  9. Avatar Of Michele Matthews

    michele matthews


    your an idiot

  10. Your sick and your mother and father must be real sad that you would need so much sick attention to hold a gun to your puppy, real or not. I don’t need a chill pill either.

  11. We know your a sick person{not a man] to think putting a fake gun to your puppy’s head is a joke. I guess your mother and father must be real proud of you. Grow up and give your animal’s to a person that will care and love them. I don’t think you do. I don’t need a chill pill either. Goof!!!

  12. Avatar Of Shawna Foss

    Shawna Foss


    I hope this is about the Jackass up there, holding a gun to his pit bull puppies head.. I don’t care if it’s a joke, it’s not funny.. You are supposed to be some big jackass star, and I’m sure some kids love what you do, so it would seem like a very bad idea to put that kind of crap up for your fans to see.. You are so unresponsible if you keep on with this crap, what if one of your fans copied you but they had a real gun and it went off and either killed the puppy or a person, that would be your fault..

  13. Avatar Of Susan Riley

    Susan Riley


    He’s the jackass, not the puppy. He should be banned from posting stuff like that. animal abuse is NOT funny.

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