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Keep Fido Safe in Vehicles

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Nowadays owners usually give some thought about how to keep Fido safe in vehicles. In years past, dogs were not as domesticated as of today, and owners didn’t pay a lot of attention when it came to letting them ride in any type of vehicle. Over the years we have come to recognize that dogs have special needs when traveling, whether it is going to the vet, riding down to the beach, or going on vacation.

Keep Fido Safe in Vehicles

One thing recognized even in the past was that dogs will always be like humans in the sense that they also need fresh air, especially when enclosed in a thick vehicle made of steel.

Another issue to be pointed out in pet riding safety is the possible nuisance they can cause. Let’s say you own a dog and ride your family car. However, you have visitors that are not really comfortable with dogs, and they may not understand your dog’s behavior and naughtiness. Long driving hours or even stalled traffic can cause boredom not only for us humans but also for our pets. And when a dog gets bored, of course, it will try to do something to keep it from getting bored, like maybe jump from one seat to another or lick their owners.

It can also be disturbing to the driver himself, especially when the dog barks a lot or jumps unexpectedly to the driver’s seat, which in turn, might cause a vehicular accident.

As you can see, lots of unwanted things may happen if we do not discipline our dog the right way in a car, especially if you are the owner of the dog and you are driving at the same time – your attention will be divided and you cannot focus on driving well, because you are concerned with your buddy as well.

Luckily today, we are now given a variety of dog ride safety products which we can buy from various pet stores. These include seat belts for dogs, pet crates, harnesses, easy door unlock system in case dogs gets trapped inside, barriers, heat alarms to help your dog be protected from bad temperature conditions, and even car fans to cool your dog off.

If your dog likes to jump around or do unnecessary things that might disrupt the driver or the guests in your car or vehicle, discipline and train him to behave. Give him some commands that he recognizes to show that he is not allowed to move around or keep barking so loudly while traveling. Later on, you can give him treats to show him that he has done a good job. Restraining your dog is just like us buckling up for safety – it is for his own good, even though he is NOT going to like it. Air bags in the back seat can also harm the dog, so restrain him as much as possible. Also, warn him not to stick his head (or any part of his body) out of the windows, just as we warn kids to not do the same thing.

The last and most important thing is to keep your dog cool. Never leave him inside the car unattended and without oxygen to breathe when it’s warm outside. Even on a 70F day, temperatures inside a closed up car can be fatal for your dog within a very short time.

Bring some water for him to drink and maybe some favorite toys. It is important that we keep our dogs occupied and safe during a journey.

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