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Keep Your Buddy Healthy and Happy

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Is your pooch acting down in the dumps? Sometimes this is due to a physical ailment but in otherwise healthy canines this is often a sign the dog is bored. If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy below are a few easy things you can and already should be doing. Dogs are in many ways like us. If we never go out for social activity, exercise, and just to breath the fresh air we become depressed and bored. I’ve got news for you: your dog needs these forms of social interaction and exercise as much as we do so to keep your dog healthy and happy let’s take a look at what the both of you can do together.

The best way to keep your dog healthy and happy is remember he or she is a part of the family and you need to include them in as many family activities as reasonably possible. A dog who is ignored for twenty three hours a day is never going to be a happy and mentally healthy pet. If the only human contact your dog has is when you feed them they can begin to feel stress and boredom very quickly. These feelings are then going to manifest themselves in behaviors you certainly do not want in a pet.

The dog quite likely will become aggressive towards other animals, neighbors, and possibly members of your family. They will also begin to bark constantly and exhibit other types of destructive behaviors both inside the home and when let out to do their business. They will try to run off at every opportunity resulting in you stressing out over their safe return home.

All of these issues can be avoided if you remember why you brought a dog into your family in the first place, for companionship and enjoyment.

Try getting your dog out for more walks and vary the location of these walks so you both can look forward to seeing some new sights. Take your dog along on family activities, even if it is just a ride to the store. Begin spending time training your dog to run obstacle courses you lay out in your yard, and work with the dog on trick training.

The ways to keep your dog keep your dog healthy and happy are limited only by your imagination. Including your dog in family activities as well as one on one time will give you a much happier and healthier dog.

How do you keep your dog happy? Please share your comments below.

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1 Comment

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