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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Custody Battle Over Rescue Dog, Bear

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Once deemed a Hollywood Hot Couple, Twilight stars Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson are now split, thanks to Kristen’s alleged affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Bear Dog Gi
Now that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Steward have split, who will get custody of their dog, Bear? Photo credit Zap2It

But, the breakup isn’t as simple as just going their separate ways. Though they don’t have any children together, the pair together raised an adorable mixed breed rescue puppy named Bear that they adopted from a high-kill shelter in New Orleans while filming Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Now that the former lovebirds have split, a bitter custody battle over Bear is beginning.

When Robert moved out of the $6 million Los Feliz home that the couple shared, he left Bear in Kristen’s possession. And, now he is requesting ownership of the dog. But, according to the Daily Mail, Kristen, who considers Bear to be her baby, won’t hand him over quite so easily.

Kristen won’t give up Bear in a hurry. She helped Rob save Bear from Parvo disease, which nearly took its life when it was a puppy.

Kristen is now asking for joint custody of the dog, an arrangement that would complicate the breakup, preventing the pair from making a clean split.

In Hollywood and around the world, dog custody battles are nothing new. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris recently went to war over custody of a dog they shared as well.

Who do you think should get custody of Bear? Kristen Steward or Robert Pattinson? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. Avatar Of Jamie Wolfrom

    Jamie Wolfrom


    Really a custody battle over a dog? SO waste time fighting over a rescue dog, while several other animals are fighting to be rescued??GROW UP AND SAVE ANOTHER ANIMAL!LOVE YOU BOTH BUT PLEASE! COMMON SENSE!

  2. Avatar Of Sue



    I think people should think about, the consequences of there actions! People even famous ones must suffer the consequences of there actions. they need some time to think of what is best for the dog, the dog loves both of them, no one is the winner now. Good luck to you both, Kristen and Rob.

  3. Avatar Of Richard The Lionheart

    Richard the Lionheart


    Custody battles over dogs? This is funny stuff! Amerika, you are a laughing stock. Hahahahaha!

  4. Avatar Of Terra Banks

    Terra Banks


    This is now irrelevant seeing as they are living together again but I think if she regrets what she did, she should let him have the dog. I mean it was her unfaithfulness that broke them up so the least she could to do to compensate for breaking his heart is let him have custody of the dog. I think this joint custody ploy was a way to stay connected to him. Then again some people think the whole breakup was a publicity stunt so…

  5. Avatar Of Marilyn



    Kristen should get the dog…..she has been through a lot after getting double dosage bashing from so many people simply because she was human enough to make a bad mistake. it happens …move on….Rob can get another dog..plus even if he gets the dog, it will always remind him of Kristen. She is going through her own ordeal…let her keep her one confidante .

  6. Avatar Of Rescue



    If they are willing to fight for the dog either should be able to provide a good home for the Dog. One should take the high road, let the other keep him and go out and save another rescue dog from death row.

  7. Avatar Of Dee



    Well I heard they are back together so I guess the dispute over who gets the dog isn’t important anymore.

  8. Avatar Of Nick Rovert

    Nick Rovert


    While it is shameful, the reason that Kristen cheated isn’t a good enough reason to let Robert have full custody of a dog, because the pair’s love life doesn’t have anything to do with the custody of a dog. Just because Kristen did something wrong doesn’t mean that she isn’t able to take care of a dog properly.

  9. Avatar Of Damu damu says:

    give it to me until they decide who will keep it 🙂

  10. Avatar Of Jimmy



    Your all fing gheaaaayyy

  11. Avatar Of Kerahdah



    What a load of bull!

  12. Avatar Of Tina



    Wow… Amazing that no one has thought of the dog… Bear has a Mom & a Dad and he should be able to see them both… the “alleged” cheating is neither here nor there… Think of Bear people…. Joint Custody is a Must for his sake….

  13. Avatar Of Mzmartinez



    i agree she ruined the relationship so he should get the dog but then again who will treat the dog better and pay more attention to it?? i think thats the better question

  14. Avatar Of Nikki



    let him have the dog cheater…

  15. Avatar Of Tanika



    She should get the dog, she did cheat but so did he many, many times so the whole pointing fingers game won’t work here. Plus he has a very unstable party hard kind of life style. Bear would be better of with her!!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Samantha



      since when rob a party goer? he’s a peaceful guy.he should get the dog.not the trampire.

  16. Avatar Of John L

    John L


    I have to agree with London Almas,Robert should get the dog,she cheated on him

  17. Avatar Of London Almas

    london almas


    i think that robert should get the custody over the dog.
    she is the 1 that cheated on him

  18. Avatar Of Alexis



    He should get custody. She obviously does not have any responsibility for any relationship, dog or man. Once a cheater, it implicates her as a insensitive cruel human being. The dog is better off with Rob.

  19. Avatar Of Ali Corbeil

    Ali Corbeil


    Well I guess it has to go from legally who owes the dog, which is who ever name is on the paper. But I feel that because of the break up it can be dealt with just like it would be if they had kids. So I feel like it is in her name, but it should just be like joint custody. That way I am sure they both love the dog very much so there should be no problem with the dog dealing with stress. It may be hard for Rob at the beginnning, but time heals all. I am sure that there is plenty of girls out there that would love to be with Rob.

  20. Avatar Of Sandra Sandra says:

    Legally this is no grey area here; whoever signed the adoption papers is the rightful owner. But I agree with the post above; the least Kristen can do after wrecking the relationship is to give him the dog. If she still cares for him at all, she’ll realize that Bear can help him with his broken heart.
    I would also advice them against any sort of joint custody thing. Having done that myself with my ex, it ends up being very stressful for the dog and they could develop behavioral problems. Ultimately I ended up letting Sophie stay with my ex so she would be OK. I didn’t want an otherwise great dog to end up with aggression issues because of our break up.

  21. Avatar Of Melissa Melissa says:

    Who’s name is the dog in at the shelter? When you got the license? Who’s name is the dog’s name in? When I got my 2, both of them are in my name for both the license & the microchips!! My son’s dog I have in my name since he is under age, but once he is of age, I will transfer ownership to him since his puppy is his.

  22. Avatar Of Jennifer S.

    Jennifer S.


    She is the who cheated and destroyed the relationship, so I think he should get the dog.

    • Avatar Of Dorrine Hamm

      Dorrine Hamm


      I agree he should get the dog she’s the one that screwed up. Once a cheater always a cheater. He’s better off. But a word to her, boy are you stupid. He seeems like a very good guy and he loved her alot. You can’t trust a cheater ever again, and that’s a sad thing. Even if you take them back the trust will always be an issue. Once again boy is she stupid, kinda makes her movies a turn off for me. I know I won’t be in such a rush to see one anymore. I used to think Angelina Jolie was one of my favorite actresses but now I don’t even go to see movies with her in them I think marriage should be sacred and you shouldn’t even go there, and if you have any class you wouldn’t. It definately screws up their popularity with the holsom folks who watch their movies.

      • Avatar Of Natasha




      • Avatar Of Bubs



        He who have never sinned cast the first stone. I personally don’t support cheating, however those two are meant for each other and its people like you and the media really screwed life. You might not be cheating but you maybe doing even worst.How do people like you and the media really screwed life?, with all the highlights and comments you drove them into two other arms which is diffidently a recipe for disaster.

      • Avatar Of Koko



        I totally disagree… don’t ye think that ppl deserve a second chance to change… did u ever cheat at a game or lie to your parents..??? so maybe we should brand everyone a cheater and liar.. so that means no one should be trusted… get over it.. do we really know what happened between her and the producer??? ehhh no… so let the two split up.. break up… get back together again… fight for the dog… just like the rest of us….

    • Avatar Of Andisiwe



      No guys this is all wrong actually they should share the dog as they are both inlove with it and it’s actually pretty sad fro me that the are breaking up

    • Avatar Of Bella.t



      I think Robert should get the dog.

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