Lifeguards Save Little Dog Who Swam Out Into The Ocean Alone

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A small, white dog was rescued by the Long Beach Lifeguards after it swam into the Pacific Ocean on Monday, March 13.

According to the Long Beach Fire Department, lifeguards were called after a group attempted to capture a lost dog they found in the Junipero parking lot.

However, due to anxiousness, the pup, named Tofu, ran into the water and swam into the ocean instead.

The lifeguard, referred to as “Lifeguard 7”, put on his wetsuit and grabbed his rescue board and buoy to rescue Tofu in the ocean.

With the help of another lifeguard, referred to as “Lifeguard 8”, who directed Lifeguard 7 towards Tofu’s location, the pup was rescued and safely brought to shore.

The Long Beach Fire Department said, “Although cold and shaken up from such a long swim, the dog eventually warmed up and is doing well!”

Shortly after being rescued, Tofu was picked up by the Animal Care Services. And a day after, officials found Tofu’s owner and the two have been safely reunited.

The department also shared a few photos of Tofu and called him their ‘new friend’. “We had a couple of fun photos of his time with us! We are glad that he’s back with his family! Although we miss him around @longbeachlifeguard HQ,” says the department in an Instagram post.

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