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Loyal Dog Leads Truck Driver to Injured Owner

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A loyal dog may have saved the life of his elderly owner when he led a California tow truck driver to where the man had fallen down an embankment.

Tow truck driver Martin Hall, Jr. was driving along a remote dirt road near Coulterville, California when he was stopped by a dog sitting in the middle of the road, refusing to budge.

A dog lover, Hall tried to call the dog over to him. He offered the dog his peanut butter & jelly sandwich and some water, both of which he refused.

“That sucks this dog doesn’t come to me, dogs likes me sometimes,” Hall said into his cell phone video camera as he recorded the entire incident.

Concerned for the dog all alone in the remote area, he began to notice some clues. The dog was wearing a collar and leash as if he’d been lost during a walk. There was a flashlight dropped on the road near where the dog was standing, refusing to budge, and a walking trail nearby.

Just as Hall was about to give up on making friends with the dog, he heard a faint call for help in the distance. As he walked toward the yelling, the dog got up and led him to an elderly man who had fallen down an embankment and become injured.

The man, named Paul, had been out walking his two dogs at about 5:00am when he fell and broke his hip. When Hall found him, he’d been laying in the dirt for more than 7 hours. While one of his dogs remained by his side the entire time, his second dog, Chico, walked back to the street to wait for help.

Hall called an ambulance and Paul was helped shortly after.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Robert



    Well done boy.

    Give that Chico and Paul’s other dog a bone!

    And well done to Mr Hall too and the rescue service.

    I hope Paul made a good recovery.

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