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Lucky Dog Survives Vicious Alligator Attack

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A Florida dog had luck and a will to live on her side after a vicious alligator attack nearly cost her life.

Sable, a Black Lab/Doxie mix is recovering today, to the amazement of veterinarians treating her after an alligator attack last Thursday.

Sable ran off from her Palm Beach Gardens family during a visit to the West Delray Regional Park and, within mere seconds, was attacked by an alligator lurking around a nearby pond. She was rushed to the Clint Moore Animal Hospital where a team of veterinarians spent nearly 3 hours in surgery to save her life.

Miraculously, Sable was able to pull herself free from the gator’s grasp and survive the attack without life-threatening injuries, something veterinarians said is extremely rare. Most dogs bitten by alligators do not survive even long enough to make it to surgery and, when they do, serious infection is a major concern.

Sable’s attack serves as a reminder to pet owners to always leash their dogs, especially near ponds and lakes.

“I just wouldn’t let them really close to the edge of the water,” veterinarian Dr. Brian Butzer told WPTV, “Because that’s where those animals hide, and they’re going to wait for a dog to come along and they’re going to grab them.”

Sable is doing well just days after the attack and is expected to make a full recovery.

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