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Have you been to a dog show? If not, make it a point to put this activity on your schedule because you are going to be entering a whole new world. Look forward to meeting many people who, just like you, are crazy about their dogs. They might just be there to observe well trained dogs, or they might be competing against all the other doggies entered with their pooch.

A dog show is going to be full of people from all walks of life. Housewives, dentists, engineers, carpenters, pilots, poor and rich, young and old. Many other individuals from every walk of life are going head to head with each other in the pursuit of their dog winning best in class, and overall champion.

This is not a fun form of competition for those who are faint of heart, because these people take this very seriously. Yet most of the contestants and their dogs are great friends and have fun at the same time.

Perhaps a visit to one of these shows will whet your appetite for showing your dog. If so, get ready for more hard work and frustration than you signed up for! Training a dog up to show level is an exercise in your skills as a dog trainer, and will test your level of patience as you and the dog learn the ropes. But the rewards of finally reaching the top will make all this effort worth it.

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