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Miranda Lambert Finds Homes for Over 40 Shelter Dogs

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Miranda Lambert’s love for dogs goes far beyond the 6 she has at home! Photo courtesy of Miranda Lambert.

It’s no secret that country singer Miranda Lambert loves dogs, she’s got 6 of her own! But, her love of four-legged furries goes far beyond having a big brood at home. The country superstar goes above and beyond to bring awareness to dog adoption and rescue, even organizing her own rescue group, the MuttNation Foundation.

So, it’s no surprise that this past weekend, the singer helped find homes for several dogs from the Tishomingo Animal Shelter near her home in Oklahoma.

Lambert spent the entire day at the shelter, encouraging fans to come down and adopt a new forever friend, taking pictures with new adopters, and Tweeting the entire event to followers and fellow country stars, Brett Eldredge and country crooner husband, Blake Shelton, which even had dogs named after them!

By day’s end, with Miranda’s help, the Tishomingo Animal Shelter had rehomed over 40 dogs!

Why not visit Miranda Lambert on Twitter and give her a big THANK YOU for all she does for dogs!

You can ‘Like’ Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation on Facebook by clicking here.

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  1. Avatar Of Kathy Deforge

    kathy DeForge


    God bless you Miranda for the love and compassion you share with homeless pets.You are truly an angel on earth.If I could change one thing on earth,it would be to end the suffering of all animals.I just want you to know I am grateful for the lives you have changed,and the animals you have helped.I am forever grateful for your kindness.

  2. Avatar Of Kathy




  3. Avatar Of Julie Rotondo

    Julie Rotondo


    I LOVE Miranda and have been a fan since “Nashville Star”!! I love her music, but now I love her even more! Thank you for all you do Miranda.

  4. Avatar Of Heather Davidson

    Heather Davidson


    That’s awesome. I hope they are ALL in wonderful, loving forever homes. But what kind of background checks/home visits went in to these adoptions? Or do these dogs just get sent home with whoever will pay the money?

    • Avatar Of Jeana Silliman

      Jeana Silliman


      I think that is wonderful and if I had more space I have would have 50 more dogs but that being said, why does there always have to be that one person that is so negative,,, lets just be happy for the dogs and hope the shelter did do the right thing with the whole background checks and stuff and thank the lord these dogs found homes…..

      • Avatar Of Susan



        The comment isn’t negative. It’s a valid statement. If the dogs and adopters aren’t carefully matched, it is the dog that will suffer by either being returned to the shelter or by not becoming a cherished part of the family and feeling the effects of unintended neglect such as lack of exercise and socialization or being left in the yard, etc.

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