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Montreal Passes Pit Bull Ban, Thousands of Shelter Dogs Facing Euthanasia

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Montreal’s controversial pit bull ban is officially on the books after city council passed a bylaw on Tuesday which places a ban on any new “pit bull type” dogs in the city and places heavy restrictions on those already living there. Under the new law, any of the now-banned breeds still in shelters next week when the law takes effect will be humanely euthanized.

Council voted 37 to 23 in favor of the breed-specific legislation, which includes a ban on any American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and the Staffordshire terrier, along with crossbreeds or dogs mixed with or sharing their physical characteristics. In other words, in Montreal, if it looks like a pit bull, it is a pit bull.

The controversial ban comes at a time when breed-specific legislation has been proven ineffective at reducing dog bites and attacks, and during a world-wide trend toward ending BSL.

The new law takes effect on October 3, 2016. After which, it will be illegal to own any new pit bull-type dog. Already owned pit bulls will be grandfathered in, but must be registered by the end of the year at a cost of $300. In addition, pit bull owners must be at least 18 years old and will be screened for a criminal record or a history of violence. They must also provide proof the dog has been altered (spayed or neutered), microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. Pit bulls will have to be muzzled when outdoors and must be kept on a short leash when off their property.

If owners don’t follow the new rules, their dog can be confiscated and euthanized.

The SPCA has threatened to revoke all animal control services in Montreal as a result of the breed ban.

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  1. Avatar Of Leigh



    “Under the new law, any of the now-banned breeds still in shelters next week when the law takes effect will be humanely euthanized” Humane? Preposterous. I hope they’ll take this back.

  2. Avatar Of Debbie Caruso

    Debbie Caruso


    Please rethink your decision ! Pit Bulls used to be known as Nanny dogs! They were that gentle with children! It’s people who have turned putbulls into aggressive dogs that are made to fight each other. Greedy owners that don’t care if these dogs live or die! Dogs are not born mean, humans make them that way! Montreal can turn this around? It’s not too late! I live four hours away in upstate NY. I would help any agency that will go in and take them out! I just rescued two little dogs just two weeks ago, do My hands are full. Please step up rescue agencies if Montreal won’t change this law!!

  3. Avatar Of Gena Rawson

    Gena Rawson


    Well now I know there as stupid as I thought

  4. Avatar Of John Csehek John Csehek says:

    I can see that the council who vote this in has their head up their asses. Pit Bulls are not a bad breed of dog and it can be a very lovable pet if raised right like any other breed. Mean animals can be of any breed and they should puta ban on owners who raise their dogs to be mean. Shame on them if they even consider to put one dog down.

  5. Avatar Of Mandi



    I say boycott all tourist travel to Montreal. Hurt them where they we’ll feel it the most – their damn pockets. Will be contacting several dog rescue groups i know to see if there is anyway they can rescue dogs from Montreal even if it’s another country, we are close by in Albany shipping isn’t an issue. ..

  6. Avatar Of Peg



    canada-you are so admired don’t do this! these dogs, like humans evolve as a result of their upbringing not their race. come on canada-re-think this please. be the caring country you are so known for…please-

  7. Avatar Of Carol



    Since this has been already been proven not to make in any difference in the amount of animal attacks perhaps the Montreal council is made up of sadistic dog haters who want only to see the breed eliminated and has little to do with reality. I have one more reason to dislike Quebec.

  8. Avatar Of Alice



    This is crazy! Do you kill every man because 10 hit a woman? Do you kill every teenager because 10 became criminals? Do you take every child away from their family because 10 were abused by a parent? This is just plain inhuman! What in the name of all that is right and good is going on in Montreal? Pit Bulls are not vicious! The owners and abusers of pit bulls have trained them and raised them to be vicious!! These animals should be taken away from their abusive owners and the owners should pay in money AND prison time for their offenses!! If their pit bull has harmed someone, the owner should be held responsible, Not the dog! How can you as a country KILL 1000 of dogs who have done nothing?? This is so wrong! I don’t understand this!! And I know that those who carry out this inhumae act will be held accountable in the eyes of God!

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