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Nashville Police Seize 38 Dogs in Massive Dog-Fighting Bust

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Nashville’s Metro Police have seized 38 dogs, mostly pit bulls ranging in age from puppy to adulthood, from a massive dog-fighting ring that sprawled behind two Pewitt Road homes.

Police discovered evidence to the dog-fighting operation during an investigation into heroin and cocaine trafficking at the same properties. While investigating the homes of Michael A. Davis, 34, and his neighbor, James Jones, 35, police found treadmills, syringes, a breeding stand, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and exercise logs documenting the dogs, along with multiple dogs tethered to trees by heavy chain.

While many of the dogs showed signs of fighting like scars and open wounds, others were emaciated and starved for human attention. Police say the dogs were very happy to be getting attention, their tails wagging as they were examined by a veterinarian.

The dogs will remain in custody of Animal Control during the investigation. Once released by the court, all suitable for homes will be placed up for adoption.

The Tennessean reported.

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  1. Avatar Of Mirjam Da Thesta

    Mirjam da Thesta


    Put them in treadmill, let them fight with 5 dogs.
    Oh what a awful people.
    Hope they find a good house for the dogs!

  2. Avatar Of Jennifer Guerry

    Jennifer Guerry


    How can these people go to sleep at night knowing there are sick, abused and starving dogs on their property? No kindness, compassion, guilt? I don’t understand how a human being can have absolutely no remorse for the suffering on their own property. You see it every day and you still go out in the world and feel good about who you are? These owners have been raised being the object of abuse, that is the only thing that I can come to terms with.

  3. Avatar Of Linda Johns

    Linda Johns


    Thank God these poor animals have been rescued from such a horrible situation. I wish them all a speedy recovery and a happy life with their forever families.

  4. Avatar Of Cathy Jacobson

    Cathy Jacobson


    I am not a big pit bull fan, however, it’s only because they are too much dog for me. But no matter what,these men have committed a grievous crime against animals and deserve prison and treatment as they gave the animals. This is totally uncalled for. Jail is too good for them

  5. SUCH CRUEL ACTS !! hearltless humans still exist ! and they have to die little by little in hell burn piece by piece melting ! to feel !! i canT understan why this brutality to animals is done in U.S.A !!!HELPLESS DOGS ! just cant do anything to defend themselves since their nature is to obey ! poor dogs that goes tothe hand of evil people for money !! hoe they will be punished and rotten to jail !!
    its so heartbreaking to know such story especially to that evil man named michael

    icks ! and still out of jail and was given a merit to play with lots of money!!hope he will open his heart to the animals to give allhis money to help those needy animal shelter !!

  6. Avatar Of Ulla Leonard

    Ulla Leonard


    I cannot express how I feel when I see these wonderful dogs who deserve loving homes instead of people who want to abuse them for money. I will never understand how anybody can do harm to innocent animals. They are starving for kindness and human attention.

  7. Avatar Of Cheryl



    It makes me boil when people do things like this to helpless animals. They have no voice and thank goodness they were saved. I hope they both get jail time and abused by the other inmates. POS

  8. Avatar Of Marsha Mcelroy

    Marsha McElroy


    I am overjoyed at this news!! Way to go Nashville! !

  9. Avatar Of Kim



    I have no words except the heros that saved these babies will be blessed by God!!!!!I pray these babies that were saved will receive the best forever homes. I hope the people that were involved in this will stay in jail where they should remain.for ever. Why would anyone want people like this around their children. I know God will do the right thing!!!!!!!!!God bless the babies!!!!!

  10. Avatar Of Cherrie



    Way to go Nashville p.d. i hope this man rots in Hell z.

  11. Avatar Of Jennifer Mcdonald



    I wonder if mama jade escaped from this place.

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