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Neighbor Finds Missing Puppy, Sells Her on Craigslist

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A couple is charged with theft, conspiracy, and making false reports to law enforcement after they found a neighbor’s missing dogs and, rather than return the pair to their rightful owners, opted instead to sell the puppy on Craigslist. Lucky for the puppy and her owner, the thieves’ 5-year old son ratted them out to police.

As reported by The Smoking Gun, when a Golden Retriever and a 6-month old Rottweiler appeared at the Pennsylvania doorstep of Scott and Roxanne Duff, the Duffs called local police for advice on what to do with the dogs. Roxanne Duff told police she had the missing dogs, but quickly added that the puppy “had taken off again and did not return to her residence.”

Later that night, Shawn Lerch, owner of the two dogs, informed cops that Duff returned his golden retriever, but that the puppy, named Bailey, was still missing.

Lerch told police he believed that the Duff’s still had his missing puppy. He told the Duffs that if they returned the puppy immediately, he would not press charges. But, when police questioned Scott Duff, he denied having possession of the puppy and asked that Mr. Lerch stop calling him.

Shawn Lerch wasn’t satisfied with the Duff’s story, however, and insisted that police visit the Duff home again. When they arrived, only the Duff’s 5-year old son and his babysitter were home. The young boy told police that “mommy had given the dog to a woman from the internet.”

Caught in a lie, the Duffs eventually came clean, and admitted to the scheme. After finding the adorable puppy, the Duffs saw an opportunity to make a quick buck, listing her on popular classifieds website, Craigslist, for a $50 “rehoming fee.”

Bailey, the Rottweiler puppy, was returned to her rightful owner. And, the Duffs are charged with theft, conspiracy, and making false reports to law enforcement.

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  3. Avatar Of Connie Godwin

    Connie Godwin


    What losers for neighbors! All they cared about was making $50 bucks. They need their asses kicked too. Seems the little boy has better values than the mom and dad.. Heck maybe the little boy needs better parents.

  4. Avatar Of John



    And they’re still neighbors. Awkward…

  5. Avatar Of Kayeellen




  6. Avatar Of Carole Millay

    Carole Millay


    Craigs list is not a good place to purchase a dog As above story shows. Get a rescue from a reliable source.

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