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Never Feed These To Your Dog

Do you know there are common items in your home your dog is going to find very tasty if he can get hold of them? Many dog owners don’t know about these potentially deadly foods, and we should never feed these to our dogs. Read on for a more complete look at what to never allow your pooch to eat or chew.

Never feed these

Wild mushrooms are a never feed these food due to some of these are very deadly to not only your dog but you as well. Unless you are very knowledgeable about which mushrooms you may find while out walking your dog in the forest, avoid them at all costs.

The anti-freeze we all have in our garages for our vehicles is another item your dog should never be allowed near. Recently new anti-freeze products have been introduced that are non-hazardous to animals but this need to be kept from your pet as well. The older formulas can be very tasty for a dog to drink and if consumed in large quantities your beloved pet is most likely going to die. At the very least he or she will develop liver, stomach, and other issues so never feed these products to any dog or animal.

Another problem most people are not aware of is grapes, and their first cousins raisins and currants. As described by the following from Wikipedia:

The consumption of grapes and raisins presents a potential health threat to dogs. Their toxicity to dogs can cause the animal to develop acute renal failure (the sudden development of kidney failure) with anuria (a lack of urine production)…. Clinical findings suggest raisin and grape ingestion can be fatal, but the “mechanism of toxicity” is still considered unknown.

Now for the big one many people are unaware of—chocolate. We all have chocolate in some form in our homes, and because this is a treat humans enjoy we assume our dogs will as well. Chocolate should never be fed to a dog even though they may sit and beg for a bite. It is one of the most deadly foods a dog can eat because of specific chemicals naturally found in chocolate. It should be noted a few breeds of dogs show no reaction to eating chocolate but why take a chance if you are uncertain.

For those who think chocolate cannot possibly be this harmful for their dog consider these facts. If you dog has consumed chocolate in a pure state, or as an additive to other foods, the first signs will begin to show up in four to six hours. Without immediate treatment by your vet the dog can suffer from seizures, cardiac failure, coma, and eventually he or she will die. Yes, chocolate is this harmful to canines so never feed these to any dog. If you have children explain to them why slipping Rover a tasty bite of chocolate is never allowed and why.

Have you ever fed your dog chocolate? Please leave comments and advice below.




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