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Ohio Family Wants Answers After Dog Dies at Groomer

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A devastated Fairfield Township, Ohio family is desperate for answers after their 3-year old Airedale Terrier died after only an hour with a local groomer.

The Bradshaw family says they left their dog, Lucy, at the Ruff 2 Fluff Groomer on Tuesday. An hour later, they received the call an dog owner would dread the most – they beloved girl was dead.

The groomer says it was a terrible accident, but the family wants answers.

“They did not know what happened,” Becky Bradshaw said to WCPO News. “They couldn’t say what happened. They did X-rays, but they don’t know what happened.”

The three Ruff 2 Fluff employees that were all in the room at the time corroborated. They claim that, when the groomer turned his back for just a second, Lucy fell off the grooming table.

Ruff 2 Fluff’s owner made the following statement on Wednesday:

“During the grooming of a dog named Lucy, the dog stepped off the grooming table. The groomer grabbed the dog and uprighted the table. The dog was in distress and the staff performed CPR, called the vet and transported the dog to the vet. At the vet, they continued CPR and the dog passed. I am really sorry this happened. It was an accident and we did everything that we could to try to revive her.”

The Bradshaws are now waiting on necropsy results to find out what really happened.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time a dog has died in Ruff 2 Fluff’s care. Last November, a 5-year old Poodle was rushed to the emergency vet after the dog suddenly wouldn’t eat, drink, or bark. Because of extensive swelling in his neck and throat, veterinarians were unable to perform an emergency tracheostomy and the dog died.

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  1. Avatar Of Kathy Kathy says:

    Sounds like the table hit the dog in the head if you ask me, or had internal injuries from the side of the table hitting stomach area. Very irresponsible of the shop. I groomed for 25 years and never had an injury or death….you can NEVER walk away from a dog on a table. It is very easy to unhook and put the dog away if your needing to walk away for any length of time. Laziness is what it boils down to.

  2. Avatar Of Diane~



    My heart goes out to the family, I can not imagine their grief…: (
    I agree, something is seriously wrong here…if the dog just “stepped off the table” why did the groomer have to upright the table? Two deaths at this place ?? That’s two TOO many in my book. Close them down ASAP before another dog is killed. The owner and employees should be banned from ever working with pets in their lifetime.

  3. Avatar Of Tara



    SOME one’s lying…….
    God’s comfort and peace to this family who must now grieve this tragic loss…because of incompetence, or inappropriate care and attention…or just plain neglect…and then to lie about it….
    one tragic accident (that’s iffy on it’s own ) is ridiculous….two??!?!!
    no excuse…they need to be closed, and their licenses revoked….dogs don’t die at groomers….if they went in their healthy, with no known medical conditions.
    God help us….and i pray that little one did not suffer…

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