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Owner Banned From Owning Pets For 5 Years

When a pet is neglected by the owner, there can be serious consequences for the owner, because the owner is the one responsible for the overall health, condition and behavior of the dog or pet. Think of a case when a child is abandoned by his or her parents and left to wander in the streets. This abandoned child may become abducted, injured, or develop an illness that is hard to cure. The same basic principle is true in the pet world. Below is an unsettling story about a dog owner who has received a 5 year pet ban for neglecting her dog’s illness due to a tumor.

5-year Pet Ban

Sarah Taylor, 38 years old and the single mother of three kids, from Winston Road, Trevethin, was sentenced to a five year ban barring her from keeping animals because of failing to treat a tennis ball sized tumor of her seven year old colored mastiff boxer cross named Buster. The tumor was located in Buster’s leg, which had formed sores and was greatly swollen. The suffering of the dog was between May 10 and May 31, 2012, and was discovered after an RSPCA inspector found Buster at Taylor’s home on May 31st due to a report from concerned citizens. This eventually resulted in her 5 year pet ban from further pet ownership.

Buster was then taken to Summerhill Vets, Newport. There were additional diagnoses aside from his swollen tumor, such as being slightly underweight and severe ear infection. His ear problems were medicated using anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

According to the owner, Buster received the tumor from an injury sustained while staying with another pet (presumably a dog). Taylor could not afford any expensive treatment for Buster’s tumor so she just tried a do-it-yourself medication, using antiseptic ointment coupled with duct tape. This would prevent the tumor from further infection, she says. According to a certain Gareth Thomas, Taylor was also in a bad situation because she could not find money to have Buster treated, so she tried a bunch of traditional medicines passed from old folks, but they did not work well with treating the tumor.

She states that it was not her intention at all to neglect the dog – it is just that she had great trouble getting funds for Buster’s veterinary needs. She was also not aware of the dog’s ear infection. Eventually, Buster was treated well afterwards and most likely, he will be put up for adoption.

Consequently Taylor was sentenced to the 5 year pet ban from owning pets for five years, sentenced last September 24th at Abergavenny Magistrates’ Court. She had to pay a fine of £75, plus £100 medical costs and £15 for victim surcharge, abiding to the laws of responsible pet ownership.

This incident clearly reveals owning a pet is not to be taken lightly, nor is it for the people who do not have enough funds or resources to provide for their pet. If Taylor had only asked local vets and animal groups to help her financially this sad event would have ended differently for poor Buster. There are many groups out there who are very much willing to help penniless pet owners who want only the safety and health of their dog. Avoid being sentenced to a 5 year pet ban and seek assistance when necessary.

In my opinion, this owner should maybe GET 5 years?? Has this story touched your heart? Please leave your comments below.




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