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Owner of Dog With Huge Tumor Charged with Animal Cruelty

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Moonpie was surrended to animal control with an untreated 4-lb tumor on her front paw. Her former owner is facing animal cruelty charges for failing to provide care, forcing her to needlessly suffer. Photo via The Arrow Fund.

The former owner of a Mastiff, now named Moonpie, is facing animal cruelty charges after leaving a serious and painful medical condition untreated for more than a year, allowing the dog to suffer.

In September, The Arrow Fund, a non-profit rescue organization, took custody of Moonpie from her former owner, Frankie Shields after she was surrendered to Louisville Metro Animal Service in Kentucky. When they took in the neglected dog, she was emaciated and had a massive tumor on her front paw that made it impossible for her to bear any weight on that leg, making walking painful and difficult.

Soon after her arrival, a 4-pound tumor was surgically removed from her paw. Following her successful surgery, Moonpie was transferred to foster care in Indianapolis, where she’ll receive radiation treatment to prevent the tumor from growing back.

Meanwhile, former owner Frankie Shields is facing charges of animal cruelty and failure to provide care for allowing the dog to needlessly suffer without medical care for many months.

When Moonpie is granted a clean bill of health, she will be placed for adoption. The Arrow Fund says there has been a lot of interest in adopting the sweet girl.

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