Pamper Your Pooch With a New Wardrobe

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Who among us does not like to pamper your dog? Very few, I would suggest. They are like members of our families and just as we pamper our children, wife or husband, we also enjoy doing something special for our dogs. Maybe it is throwing a T-Bone on the grill with your dog’s name on it, or perhaps it is a day at a doggy spa where he or she gets the royal treatment. We all know what our dog really enjoys as a special treat, and there is one industry who also knows how much dog owners enjoy making their dog feel special. The recent advent of a clothing industry for dog apparel has become all the rage and if you have yet to explore what is available for your pooch you are in for a surprise.

This industry can trace their roots back to celebrities who began to have custom made collars, booties, coats, rain gear, and jewelry made for their dogs. From this modest beginning, apparel for those who wish to pamper your dog has reached new popularity.

Many in the dog owner world have a less than complimentary opinion of dressing a dog up in a tutu and parading them around town. I have to admit I tend to agree with this crowd, but there are a great many more dog owners who enjoy purchasing more practical dog apparel for their pups. One of the best dog apparel items is reflective vests for when walking the dog at night and when out in the forests. These are a great product for the safety of not only your dog but you as well. And should the dog get loose from you, he or she is going to be highly visible to a passing vehicle or when in the forest to hunters.

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