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Pet-Loving Candidates Promise No-Kill Initiatives if Elected to Office

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Candidates in both North Carolina and Texas are stepping up to protect pets, promising to enact no-kill initiatives in both jurisdictions if elected.


Candidates in both Texas and North Carolina have made campaign promises that have many animal lovers wishing they were running for office in our own cities and counties. Both candidates understand that pets are part of the family, that they’re more than just property, and that voters value the lives and livelihood of animals as well as their own. Both are including dogs, cats, and other pets in their campaign pledges, promising the end the needless killing of thousands of adoptable animals each year by enacting no-kill initiatives.

Roque Vela, Jr., candidate for Mayor of Loredo, Texas, said in a video on Facebook, “Society can be judged by how it treats its pets. For far too long, Laredo has fallen short. So far this year, the Laredo Animal Shelter has euthanized over 4,500 pets. As your next mayor, I promise to make our animal shelter a no-kill shelter by working with non-profit organizations… and so many others that have made it their life mission to ensure that our pets, our family members… have a voice, ensure that they have a fighting chance, to make sure that Laredo and the Laredo Animal Shelter and the non-profit groups have what they need to give them their chance, to give them their voice.”

And, Steve Adams, a huge animal lover and party unaffiliated candidate for Sheriff of Moore County, North Carolina promises to make the county shelter, which last year came under control of the Sheriff’s Department, a no-kill shelter beginning on day one of his term if elected.

Moore County, North Carolina Sheriff candidate Steve Adams with his dogs, Nick and Colt.

Adams promised constituents immediate change to the county shelter system if elected.

“Our shelter currently euthanizes 32% of all dogs and 48% of all cats that come to the shelter. The Shelter told the Pilot “When they face overcrowding, their only option is to euthanize animals.” Really?? That’s typical bureaucratic thinking, because there are other options. On my first day as your next Sheriff, our shelter will become a no kill shelter. I already have hundreds of volunteers ready to help foster our defenseless four-legged friends. We will call in the many rescue groups across our state to help find homes for our animals, plus we will be at adoption points in our community 7 days a week seeking homes for our animals. The shelter will also be open 7 days a week, and evenings during the week. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they have called the shelter wanting to volunteer, only to hear nothing in return. I will welcome all volunteers. Every dog will be socialized and trained daily by volunteers and select inmates, to make them more adoptable. The shelter will be heavily promoted by my three radio stations, and other media outlets, to make sure every animal finds a forever home.”

Remember on this upcoming election day to vote. Vote as if your pets’ lives depend on it. As the voice for your pets, speak loud and clear at the polls on election day.

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