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Pit Bull Comforts Injured Deer Until Help Arrives

In a beautiful display of affection for another living thing, a Greenville, New York Pit Bull comforted an injured deer until help could arrive.

The video below, sent to WNYT News in Albany, was taken by a homeowner who found her dog, Gotti licking and comforting a deer that became tangled in her fence.

Gotti licked the deer’s head and legs and spent several minutes just laying down by her side. The homeowner helped the deer become free, but instead of running off, the deer stayed close by.

Gotti’s human has called a local wildlife rehabilitation crew to come help the deer and assess any injuries. For now, she’s just resting in the garden with her new friend, Gotti.

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    that pitbull was brought up in a friendly way that’s why he is not attacking that deer

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