Police Boat Rescues Dog From the Hudson

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We’ve all seen dogs go after tennis balls or Frisbees with reckless abandon, but this news story gave us a bit of a shock! Bodhi, an Airedale Terrier was playing with his owner near the Hudson River in New York. It seems his determination to retrieve the disk sent him swimming. In this article from The New York Times, read how a police boat rescued the dog from the Hudson.

Police Boat Rescues Dog From the Hudson

A dog that ran to retrieve a Frisbee jumped into the Hudson River on Sunday afternoon, but it was quickly rescued by a police boat.

The dog, a 2 ½-year-old Airedale terrier, had been playing with its owner, identified as Scott Kariya, on a pier at 13th Street in Greenwich Village, according to the police.

At some point the Frisbee skipped off the ground and went into the water. The dog, whose name is Bodhi, went in after it and was unable to climb out, the police said.

The police were called, and a boat from the harbor unit as well as Emergency Service Unit officers headed to the waterfront about 4 p.m. The officers found Mr. Kariya on a piling trying to rescue the dog.

Officer Benjamin Reiver of the harbor unit maneuvered the front of his boat under the pier, while Officer Kevin Fedynak hauled the dog onto the boat using a device known as a dog noose.

The boat then went to the piling and picked up Mr. Kariya, who was helped aboard, the police said.

Bodhi, who was wrapped in towels and warmed in the cabin, and Mr. Kariya were unhurt, the police said.

Read the original article about how the police boat rescued a dog from the Hudson here. Does your dog have a favorite toy he’d jump into the Hudson River for? Tell us about it in the comment box below!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    My dog, Baxter, has a stuffed dinner roll toy that she’d chase into the Hudson river for! It’s the strangest little toy that came in a holiday “christmas dinner” set with a toy turkey, a stuffed corn on the cob, a fake baked potato, and this roll. Don’t know what it is about the roll, but she clearly favors it over any of her millions of stuffed toys. So funny! Glad to hear Bodhi is safe and sound!

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