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Police Go to Wrong Address, Shoot & Kill Pregnant Family Dog

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A La Puente, California woman is mourning the tragic loss of both her beloved pet and the dog’s unborn puppies, after Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies shot and killed the dog.

Police, responding to a domestic disturbance call, drove to the wrong address. The caller claimed that a man and woman were fighting in the backyard. So, when police arrived, they went straight to the fenced-in backyard, past the “Beware of Dog” sign clearly posted on the gate, and shot and killed a Pit Bull that they encountered in the backyard.

Rosaleen Banner, the dog’s owner, ran to her front yard after hearing two gunshots. Just as she reached the door, she heard a third gunshot and then spotted her beloved dog in a pool of blood in the yard.

Police say the dog attacked one of the deputies, giving them no choice but to use any force necessary to stop the attack.

“I know people have bad intentions toward pit bulls but it all depends on how you raise them. Not all of them are the same. And she was lovable,” Banner told CBS Los Angeles of her beloved dog.

And, Banner says her dog never attacked the officers – the officers that should never have been in her yard in the first place.

“She was my heart, my baby, she was all I have,” said a heartbroken Banner.

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