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Police Searching for Woman ‘Walking’ Dog While Driving a Car

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California police are searching for a woman caught on camera walking her dog on a leash being pulled alongside the car that she was simultaneously driving.

Amanda Bajkovich captured the scene on camera and posted the video on Facebook where it caught the attention of concerned animal lovers and Stockton, California animal services investigators.

Stockton’s animal services department director Phillip Zimmerman told ABC13,”We have a lack of humane education — not only for adults, obviously in this case, but as children as well.”

He points out a child inside the car, pulling the leash. That child is watching and learning.

“If we don’t teach children that this isn’t OK, this is what happens,” he said.

An investigation to determine the driver of the vehicle is underway. Zimmerman says he intends to recommend animal cruelty charges once she is identified.

Anyone with information about this woman’s identity should contact the Stockton Police’s Animal Services department at (209) 937-8274.

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  1. Avatar Of Charlie



    Not defending the lazy woman who obviously lacked the intellect necessary, however what a pure case of sensational news reporting… The dog was not being dragged.. It was jogging along side the car. The animal wasn’t hurt, or limping or showing signs of being treated poorly… How we all gonna feel if the driver cannot walk for some reason..
    This is typical reporting for 1/2 a story and getting all out of breath about it..

    • Avatar Of Peg



      I’ve got a neighbor in a wheelchair that walks her dogs twice a day, every day. On the east coast , in all its weather. Not California.

  2. Avatar Of Virginia VIRGINIA says:


  3. Avatar Of Rie A

    Rie A


    one lazy bitch

  4. Avatar Of Leann Lemay

    LeAnn LeMay


    I just want to tell the people that caught this bitch thank you. The dog needs to be taken away from her and be giving to a loving family that will spoil it.

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