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The Pomeranian, also called as the Dwarf Spitz or Pom, is a trendy breed of tiny dog that originated in Germany. The breed belongs to the Toy family that generally makes diminutive adorable dog breeds with endearing expressions. Just like any other lapdog, Poms represent sheer charm. They have been bred to become engaging companions. Pome’s double coat is thick. Its outer coat is long and straight while its undercoat is soft and short. Coat color and patterns may come in several varieties such as orange, red, cream, white, brown, blue, black, orange sable, wolf sable, brindle, black and tan, and parti-color.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the charming Pomeranian breed share a common height of about 7 to 12 in measured at the withers. They also have the same weight that is approximately 3 to 7 lbs.



Poms are generally delightful, curious and playful by nature. They are proud, alert, and lively. They are known for their self-confidence and eagerness to learn. The breed is also favored for their intelligence. Their docile temper and being affectionate make them really endearing to many people. While quite aloof towards strangers and other pets, Poms are very faithful to their family owners. Properly introducing the Pom pet will help them bond well with other dogs and animals. They generally make wonderful companions and show dogs. The breed has the propensity to bark a lot; making them good guard dogs. Because of their diminutive stature, the breed is rather temperamental.


The long, double coat of Pomeranians require frequent brushing. Their cottony coat tend to shed only once or a couple of times a year. Try to dry shampoo them when needed. It is also advisable that owners clean the Pom’s eyes and ears on a daily basis. Dental check-ups are also highly recommended. Poms, in general, are constant shedders.

Health Concerns

The Pomeranian breed is basically prone to quite a few dog health issues. Some of these include dislocated patella, heart problems, slipped stifle, skin irritations, eye infections, and tooth decay. Nevertheless, with proper nutrition and exercise, Pomeranians can live for as long as 12 to 16 years.

Best Environment

More often than not, Poms can thrive well in living in an apartment. They tend to become extremely active indoors, and will do just fine for dwellings with no yard. Owners only have to be extra careful that Poms do not over-heat during hot weather.

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  1. Avatar Of Athena Snider!

    athena snider!


    Looking for female toy pom to mate with my little toy pom. Redneck is 3yrs.and9months old, weighs 5.9lbs.
    Have been looking for a mate for my baby a long time.

  2. Avatar Of Josa Josa says:

    / Hi Jill! Fantastic to hear from a Podenco owner in the UK! I recognize some of the neruovs behaviour, but my girl is pretty well adjusted now. Sheb4s acting more like a guard dog though. Every single scent or sound outside the apartment and she gets up to check it. The prey instinct they have seem to be high in all Podencos. And I believe that is one area that will be most challenging of all. I like to let my dog run free, but recall can be VERY challenging once her instincts kick in and she gets lost in her tracking. But I have good faith in my own training with her so hopefully things will improve as time goes by. Fantastic to hear from another Podenco owner!

  3. Avatar Of Lala



    Love Poms, they are so cute and sweet and adorable.

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