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Professional Dog Walker Caught on Tape Abusing Client’s Dog

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A Chicago-area professional dog walking service has been forced out of business – and rightfully so.

Surveillance video taken inside the elevator of a West Loop apartment building captured disturbing video of Jon Steinholt, the owner of Alone at Home Pet Care, brutally kicking a client’s Beagle puppy.

The building’s security guard, who is stationed at the front entrance, noticed the Beagle behaving strangely, which prompted him to monitor Steinhold in the elevator via a live video feed at the front desk.

Property management staff at the apartment building immediately alerted police and the dog’s owner.

They also confronted the dog walker, who regularly provided his services to several residents, and banned him from walking dogs on the property ever again.

The dog’s owner wrote in a letter to other dog owners in the building, explaining that the owner of the dog walking service, whom she once believed to be a “pet-loving, respectable business owner,” had cared for her dog since September 2014.

“As you can imagine, I am extremely upset about this incident and the fact that I trusted [the man] to come into my home and care for my dog on a regular basis for the last nine months,” she said. “I felt that I had to share this video with all of you due to extreme concern for the safety of your animals.”

After video of the incident went viral on social media, customers received an email from Steinholt that read, “I am a despicable individual who did a horrible thing to a defenseless animal. I deserve all that I am now receiving. I am ashamed of my actions….effective immediately, Alone At Home Pet care is over.”

Police are investigating the incident and charges may be brought against Steinhold.

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  1. Avatar Of Maris



    All the clients who used his services should file charges and do their best to get their money back. Bankrupt this dirtbag and make his life a living hell the way he did this poor innocent creature. No second chances!

  2. Avatar Of Frances



    I do pet sitting and this is inexcusable. This dog walker needs to be arrested and charged with cruelty. Thank goodness for the person that noticed something wrong and took action to watch and uncover the horrible act.

  3. Avatar Of Elaine Pritchard

    elaine Pritchard


    I certainly hope he is charged with a felony. And how many other fur babies has he done this too. PROSECUTE TO THE FULLESS !!!

  4. Avatar Of Ma



    walk your own dogs people

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