Puppy With The Appearance Of A Cat-Dog Becomes An Internet Superstar

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Image from Gấu Mèo – Nguyễn Văn Dúi via Weird Facts

Choosing between a cat and a dog can be difficult. But with this adorable puppy named Dúi, you may not have to!

Living in Vietnam with his owners, Hai Anh and Tuan, Dui has a dog’s face on a cat’s body. His unique look comes from a mix of rare breeds. “He is a mix of a native dog breed [Hmong] and a short-legged dog called Dingo,” Hai Anh explained to The Dodo. “But I think he might have a gene mutation too.”

Dui became an internet global superstar with his appearance and his delightfully bizarre expressions. His Facebook account has over 240,000 followers! 

Regardless of his celebrity status and unusual appearance, the charming dog is as normal as can be. Hai Anh said, “He likes playing with both humans and dog friends. He’s so kind and amusing!”

How adorable is this cat!? I mean dog?

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