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Quick Way To Stop the “Jumping Up”

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When you bring in a new, adorable pup, its behavior is usually considered “so sweet”. The dog puts its paws on you to get your attention, or jumps in your lap, or jumps up and down on its hind legs begging to be picked up.

So what do you do? Without thinking, you reinforce those behaviors as being acceptable! Then sooner or later the pup grows from 15 pounds to 75 pounds and is still jumping on you. That cute puppy behavior is no longer cute. In fact, it’s downright difficult, and you can not get it to stop.

You probably do not even know you have been sending mixed signals.

But it can become a real problem when you have visitors, or the dog jumps on you when you are dressed up and now dirty feet have ruined your outfit, or when it is simply not practical.

As human beings, it is our job to teach our dogs what is acceptable behavior. Here are some easy tips to change any unwanted dog behavior.

First of all, be consistent. Figure out what you want your pup’s behavior to be, and then teach it consistently. Do you want your dog to jump or not?

Dogs do not understand “sometimes”. You will have endless frustration if you try to allow “some” jumping.

So, it is easiest to stop ALL jumping.

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  1. Avatar Of Cowgirlup914



    I wish it was that simple. I have a 1 1/2 yr. old male Pom that can jump so high he has ripped holes in my shirts! He is so excited when I get home from work that he is unbearable! He even does this if I go to the barn to feed the horses and he stands outside of the gate and watches me put the buckets in the stalls. When I come out, he starts jumping and barking.
    I wonder sometimes if he’s insecure. He will lie underneath my bed and if one of the cats comes into my room he rushes out from underneath the bed growling and snapping at them. He does this anytime he lies underneath a chair or bed. He thinks he owns the place – NOT! I’ve tried everything to stop the jumping, ignoring him, telling him No in a firm voice, holding him on his back until he is still (which takes a long time). He just doesn’t get it.
    The only thing that gets his attention is when my daughter brings her Pom over and he will put my Pom in his place real fast when he gets tire of him and her Pom is blind.
    I need help!!!

  2. Avatar Of Tara Gabe

    Tara Gabe


    Most of my dogs have been rescues and rescues come with a lot of baggage. I would like some tips on how to deal with rescued dogs that are older when they arrive at their new home, and have years of ingrained bad habits. Sometimes modification is the best I can do.

  3. Avatar Of Rod Norman

    Rod Norman


    Jumping up is a no-no. (Imagine your dog doing that to an elderly person.) The “Sit” command works well. So does exchanging the dog for a cat.

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